TMT Rebars are integral to every construction project. During construction TMT rebars and concrete complement each other in a way that…

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Enhanced Strength

Low levels of carbon in Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars ensure easier and faster welding without preheating. This means stronger and safer weld joints & reduction in wastage during welding at site.

Rich Chemistry

Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have been proven to have higher resistance to cyclic loading conditions and are recommended in the earthquake prone areas due to their superior seismic resistance properties. High UTS/YS ratio and more percentage elongation signify that the steel is capable to strain harder, in the event of an earthquake.

Cleaner Steel

Due to the highly controlled process that ensures a microstructure with a soft (Ferrite and Pearlite) Core, Jindal PantherTM TMT Rebars have excellent bendability (in spite of their high strength) facilitating easy bending, making work easier and faster at the construction site.

Company Profile

As we look to the future, we have anticipated what will be required for our country to achieve lean steel structure that is yet the strongest and brings value for money.

Steel offers the widest range of strength compared to other metals giving it significant advantage in construction. There are more than 200 grades of steel globally, and we take pride in offering Jindal Panther™ Fe 550D – the strongest grade in TMT so far in practice.

This grade of steel is produced using a technology such that it has two desirable properties simultaneously, higher strength and higher ductility, thereby making it most suitable for earthquake resistant structures. Higher strength is achieved by the addition of certain alloying elements, keeping the percentage of carbon lower, thereby ensuring that the steel remains sufficiently ductile.

Why us?

Weight/unit length

Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars are rolled in close tolerance zone promising same strength than similar TMT of the same sectional properties.

Bond Strength

Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars have uniform and precise parallel rib pattern, ensuring excellent bonding with concrete, which provides superior strength to the buildings.


Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars have close dimensional tolerance, superior surface finish, standard weights, lengths as mentioned in the standards and uniform & precise rib pattern.


Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars have high elongation which means that the TMT bars are capable of absorbing large amount of energy by plastic deformation before undergoing failure by fracture – a boon for constructions in the seismic zones.


Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars have low carbon equivalent and is directly related to hydrogen induced cold cracking which is the most common weld defect for steel. Higher concentration of carbon and other alloying element tend to increase hardness and decrease weld-ability.

Corrosion Resistant

Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars have minimum or negligible residual stresses in order to prevent any chance of rusting. And also by micro-alloying with small amount of Cr and Cu besides low C content, coupled with the state-of-the-art rolling technology, which imparts excellent corrosion resisting properties in the TMT bars.

Earthquake Resistant

Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars have high UTS/YS ratio which signifies that steel is capable of elongating to a large extent when loaded beyond yield point as in the situation of an earthquake. It is with this view that some of the international specifications stipulate fairly high values for the UTS / YS ratio.

Durability & Strength

Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars have very low level of Sulphur and Phosphorous as they reduce the strength of the material and make them brittle. Excess level of Sulphur can lead to hot shortness wherein the melting point of steel gets lowered, thus making steel more prone to failure under extreme high temperature conditions. Excess level of Phosphorous can lead to cold shortness wherein the steel undergoes brittle fracture while working in extremely cold condition and thus becomes more prone to cracking.

Cost Saving

Jindal Panther™ TMT Rebars have high UTS/YS ratio and high elongation which results in lesser consumption of the similar TMT of the same sectional properties but with low UTS/YS ratio and lesser elongation. As per studies TMT with high strength saves about 10-12% than corresponding lesser strength TMT.

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